Follow app unifies an influencer’s fragmented streams of content spread across social media apps. Giving their followers one place to track the complete lives of the people they look up to.

Personal Project

The simple way to follow influencers.


Split Social Personalities

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I noticed that friends who really cared about keeping up to date with the lives of influencers on the various social media networks were constantly jumping from one service to the other.

I suddenly became curious about this behaviour.

After engaging in some preliminary user research, I discovered that as each platform had evolved over time through the addition of unique features and ripping off aspects of competing platforms, that influencers would use each service in vastly different ways. In essence, resulting in each service capturing a different slice of their life and of their persona.

Eager followers, therefore, need to traverse the platforms, in order to piece together the fragmented slices of an influencer’s life, or at least their day.

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